ENERGY is our middle name -
EFFICIENCY is our game.

While California Energy Connection is a full service electrical contractor, performing all manner of electrical work, we specialize in energy efficiency measures. Our tagline is "ENERGY is our middle name - EFFICIENCY is our game." We approach each project with ENERGY EFFICIENCY in mind because energy efficiency measures almost always pay for themselves over time. The more costly energy is, the quicker we see the return on investment. We seek to ensure that our customers conserve valuable resources by minimizing the money spent to energize their homes and businesses. From installing LED lighting fixtures or whole house ventilation fans, to installing security and surveillance systems, to designing and installing solar energy generation & storage systems, we specialize in projects that ultimately pay for themselves. And you can count on us to do the job right. We service residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers throughout San Diego County.

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Your electrical contractor for impeccable work

Our chief electrician is Jeff Simonides, with a long history of providing quality electrical solutions in San Diego. With a background in law enforcement and fire investigation, Jeff understands better than most, the importance of conscientiously performing electrical work by adhering to local and national electrical codes. We don't take risky shortcuts that can come back to haunt customers in the future. Whether it's a new installation, troubleshooting, or simply seeking professional advice, California Energy Connection is the contractor to call when you want the job done right.

In everything we do, California Energy Connection aims for complete client satisfaction. Whether it's a small retail LED lighting installation or a full new construction wiring job, we bring the same care and attention to detail.

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Our Services

All Types of Electrical Work

From new construction wiring, LED lighting, and service panel upgrades, to security systems or to solar energy harvesting and energy storage systems, California Energy Connection does it all. Check out what we do by clicking on our main service areas below to learn more.

Whether you are looking to reduce your electric bill by having us install new LED lighting fixtures, or adding a 240 volt circuit to power your new hot tub, sauna, or EV charging station, we get the job done right.

Is your swimming pool pump causing your electric bill to surge? Have us install a new energy efficient variable speed pool pump that will quickly pay for itself in energy savings.

Do you keep tripping circuit breakers when someone turns on the microwave or hair dryer? Perhaps you need to upgrade your main service panel. Or it could be just a matter of having us replace a circuit breaker or reroute a circuit or two.

Are you hesitant to run your air conditioner because of how it raises your electric bill? Have us install a whole house fan that will quietly cool your house in minutes at a fraction of the cost of running your air conditioner.

When it comes to your home electrical services, there's no job that is too big or too small for California Energy Connection. We've helped countless homeowners in San Diego just like you, with everything from small outlet repairs to complete electrical system upgrades. Whatever you need, we'll provide an efficient solution designed to last.

Any time we visit your home, we'll take care to make sure you understand every step of the work we're doing.

Whether it's a ceiling fan installation, wiring up a new home cinema, adding home automation features, or installing a solar energy generation and energy storage system, we have the expertise you can count on. Our honest service-oriented approach, combined with fair and affordable prices is the hallmark of any California Energy Connection job.

Our electricians are also able to diagnose weird residential problems, such as excessive energy consumption, and flickering lights. We prefer to address the underlying issue for a complete solution, instead of an electrical patch job that will later need further fixes.

When you hire California Energy Connection, you're choosing from among San Diego's finest electricians. Call 619-786-2211 to discuss your electrical needs.

The bigger your San Diego commercial property, the more complicated its electrical system can be. With California Energy Connection, you have a local expert you can count on to keep your equipment running flawlessly. There's no commercial job too big or too small for us to handle.

For new commercial construction in San Diego, we're happy to assist with planning and developing an electrical solution designed to match your property's exact needs. Many San Diego general contractors recognize California Energy Connection as the go-to choice when deadlines matter, and for electrical expertise that is never in question.

One of our strongest assets is our in-depth knowledge of national and local codes and regulations to ensure delivering electrical solutions that will pass even the most stringent of inspections. We also understand the problems that an electrical issue can create in a commercial setting. Our electricians are available for emergency service to get your electricity back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether it's detailed electrical plans for a new construction, or an urgent electrical repair, California Energy Connection is the one to call. Dial 619-786-2211 to speak to one of our electrical professionals.

Perhaps the most important energy efficiency measure in which you can invest is a Solar Energy collection system. Coupled with an Energy Storage System to store the massive amount of free energy that pours over our property each day a Solar energy system installed by California Energy Connection can all but eliminate your electric bill. And unlike the slick fly-by-night solar installers who are out to make a quick sale, you can count on California Energy Connection to be here for the long term.

Our solar system designs carefully address your full electricity demand by examining your historic use of electricity an anticipating your future needs. We consider, for example, your potential for increased energy use. Do you expect one day to install a hot tub, air conditioning, or sauna? Do you anticipte someday purchasing an electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle? Such amenities increase the demand for electricity, so it is smart to design your solar system to accommodate these things even if it may be years before you might acquire them.

Call California Energy Connection today at 619-786-2211 to discuss your energy needs.

Advances in lighting technology have moved at a rapid pace in recent years. At California Energy Connection, we pay close attention to the new developments and are perfectly equipped to install state of the art energy efficient LED lighting fixtures and controls that adjust lighting levels automatically.

The benefit of this new technology is that the initial costs of acquiring and installing such fixtures can be quickly recovered with lower operating expenses. Often the benefits of modern lighting extend far beyond lower energy consumption to include increased productivity in a more healthful working environment.

In addition to new lighting fixtures and upgrades, the team of electricians at California Energy Connection is also available to handle other tasks as well, such as maintenance and repair of outdoor, pool, or parking lot lighting. With access to a wide range of lighting fixture providers, we'll help you find the exact models you need for your home or business.

Call 619-786-2211 to talk to a qualified California Energy Connection consultant and bring new light to your San Diego location.

As a full service electrical contractor, California Energy Connection also installs access control, surveillance and security systems. Whether you neeed a video doorbell to help catch or deter porch pirates, or sophisticated access control with multi-camera surveillance system and automatic license plate readers connected to a Network Video Recording (NVR) and management system to monitor a warehouse or retail store or shopping center, we can handle the project for you. Call us today at 619-786-2211 to discuss your access, surveillance and security system needs.

Many of our customers are too young to remember the olden days, when to change the chanel on the TV required getting off the sofa and walking over to the TV to turn the chanel selector knob. (Yes, we actually had to do that, hard as that may be to picture!) Today we have hand-held remote control devices that handle such tasks with a push of a button. We have come to take these things for granted, without a thought. But now we have entered the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation. We can use our smart phones to open or close our garage doors from a thousand miles away. We can speak a simple command to turn on or off lights, play music, close the curtains.

Turn to California Energy Connection to install your home automation devices and controls.

If you've noticed common problems like power surges, repeatedly tripped breakers, or higher than average electricity bills, there's a good chance that your San Diego property needs a professional electrical inspection. Affordable and detail-oriented, California Energy Connection can provide thorough inspections to discover even the most minute issues that could be causing electrical problems.

While much of our inspection and troubleshooting work involves finding a solution for redundant wiring or overloaded circuits, California Energy Connection is also available for routine inspections related to commercial safety, home maintenance, and property sales. A clean bill of health from an independent electrician ensures that your property's safety and value are always kept at their utmost potential.

Local San Diego businesses are often required to have electrical inspections on a regular basis by a third party. We currently provide this service to many companies in the area and can assist your property stay in compliance with electrical regulations at all times. With our help, you can be sure that there will be no problems the next time the authorities come to your location.

For a qualified electrical inspection from California Energy Connection, call 619-786-2211 and schedule a visit to your San Diego property.

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